September 2022 Meeting

Report From The September 2022 Meeting

President Steve Dorsey opened the meeting and welcomed new members. He thanked Andy Wright for hosting our August picnic. He announced the need for some short term help with the Nominations and Audit committees and called for volunteers.  Steve and George Grantham spoke about George doing a group order of Kiwi Bark from SVO orchids. Contact George by tomorrow to participate.  Joe Grienauer reviewed the NWOS Library. Treasurer Bill Leicht asked people to cash checks promptly.  Mike Pearson spoke about participation in the WA State Fair and encouraged us to send blooming plants down to the Orchid display.  2nd Vice President Ben Johnson asked for blooming plants that he could take down to the Oregon Orchid Show in Portland.

Show Chair, Abigail Chang, spoke about our own show and sale to be held the weekend of Oct. 1&2 at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.  Click on the link in the Newsletter for show information, plant registration and volunteer sign ups which are all located on our website. There will be a Show committee meeting next week and volunteers are welcome.

1st Vice President Robert Culver introduced our speaker Tom Etheridge who gave his presentation via Zoom.  His presentation covered Odonts in the classic form that we think of as Odontoglossums while informing us about the current taxonomy which puts them into Oncidiums based on DNA. Tom reviewed the 3 important Odonts: Odontoglossum crispum, nobile and harryanum and how they  along with a few other species influenced breeding. He compared trends in breeding of the early 20th century with what is happening now. Tom reviewed the cultural requirements which favor us here in the Pacific NW since they grow in the high Andes and like it bright and cool. They can take higher temps during the day as long as they cool off at night. The preference is for about 60% humidity and they prefer to be kept moist. An evaporative cooler helps keep his greenhouse at the right levels. A very well done, informative program.

Read more in the October Newsletter.

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Andy Wright and Sean Hoyt managed our plant table for people in the room and on Zoom for us.

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