September 11, 2023, Meeting: Speaker, Kelly McCracken – “Fragrant Miniatures”

Kelly McCracken is an avid orchid hobbyist and breeder. She enjoys growing miniature specimen plants with a particular affection for Dendrobium, Angraecoids, and Sophronitis. She is currently working as US representative of Tropical Exotique, a Thailand based orchid company.

Kelly’s topic is “Fragrant Miniatures”, The most common question she gets asked about plants is “is it fragrant?”  Many orchid growers select their plants based on whether the plant is fragrant. For those of you who grow in limited space, but still love a nose full of floral fragrance, this is the talk for you. Kelly will go over several dozen fragrant species that will stay small (6” and smaller) and their culture. She will also describe their unique fragrances.  

There will be both a Plant Table and Raffle Table at this meeting.

This event will be held on 9/11/2023 starting at 6:30 PM. We will be meeting in-person and stream the meeting via Zoom. Please note that the meeting will start around 7:00 and the main speaker presentation will begin around 7:15.

The UW Center For Urban Horticulture

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