October 9, 2023, Meeting: Speaker, Andrew McGinnis – “Exploring Indoor Growing: Grow Tents, Terrariums, Cases, & More”

Andrew is an orchid hobbyist and former horticulturist with a degree in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology from the University of Washington. He has been a member of the NWOS since 2018 and grows a variety of orchid genera in grow tents and racks in his Seattle apartment, favoring minis. Aside from growing orchids, he also makes ceramic orchid mounts and pottery, and grows ferns, tropical Ericaceae like Vireya rhododendrons, carnivorous plants, bromeliads, gesneriads, bonsai, kusamono, and more. He has been sharing photos of his plant collection and pottery on Instagram since 2018 under the handle @Urban_Epiphyte

Andrew will be covering design considerations, setup, and maintenance for indoor grow spaces that solve common problems that indoor growers encounter, with a focus on grow tents as a base example. Regardless of where you are at in your orchid growing journey, you will leave this talk with ideas for how to successfully expand the breadth of plants you can grow indoors, display them in a more aesthetic way, or optimize your maintenance routine using cultural principals and technology that you can adapt to your unique situation. 

There will be both a Plant Table and Raffle Table at this meeting.

This event will be held on 10/9/2023 starting at 6:30 PM. We will be meeting in-person and stream the meeting via Zoom. Please note that the meeting will start around 7:00 and the main speaker presentation will begin around 7:15.

The UW Center For Urban Horticulture