October 2022 Meeting

Report From The October 2022 Meeting

President Steve Dorsey opened the meeting and welcomed new members. He briefly introduced our speaker Tyler Albrecht and our topic for the evening, Fluffy and Puffy Parvisepalum Paphiopedilums. Steve then went out to talk about our recent fall show and thank everyone that had participated to make the show a success. We all got to see the fantastic video that Sean Hoyt produced for us summarizing the show and sale.

Joe Grienauer and Steve solicited for an additional volunteer to help with the audit committee. Joe then spoke to us about the vision for our installation for the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival and our participation in it. He will be reaching out to us to get volunteers to help design and build it. Additionally, please return the library books.

Robert Culver introduced the speaker Tyler Albrecht.

We then had our main talk by Tyler. He talked to us about the subgenus of Parvisepalum Paphiopedilum. He covered their native habitat, their culture, and how to identify them. He also talked about their hybrids within the subgenus as well as with the Brachypetalums (e.g. niveum, bellatulum, etc.) and with the multiflorals (e.g. rothchildiaum).

After his talk, Tyler took many questions from the audience. He also generously donated many plants to our raffle table which made it quite special.

Read more in the November Newsletter.

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Joe Grienauer and Sean Hoyt managed our plant table for people in the room and on Zoom for us.

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