NW Flower & Garden Festival

NW Flower & Garden Festival

The Project

This year the NWOS is joining forces with Hartley Botanic Greenhouses of London England to put in a 1120 sf garden (40 x 28 feet). The centerpiece of our orchid garden will be a “Victorian Gallery” style walk-through aluminum and glass greenhouse, complete with finials along the ridge, set towards the back center of our garden. More details to follow along with our proposed garden layout.

Important Dates

Show: From DateTo Date
Wednesday, February 9Sunday, February 13
Setup: From DateTo Date
Thursday, February 3 (moss collection)Thursday, February 3
Saturday, February 5Tuesday, February 8
Teardown: From DateTo Date
Monday, February 14Tuesday, February 15

What else you need to know

Most of the flowering orchids seen in our garden will be available for sale at the NWOS February 14 meeting. Any remaining from that meeting will be available at the March 14 Auction.

Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available at the November and subsequent meetings.  We will need all hands on deck to help build, staff, and dismantle this garden. Hartley-Botanic is supplying the labor for building and dismantling the greenhouse structure. We will be responsible for everything else.  Gordon Cromwell, Joe Grienauer, and Joff Morgan are designing and organizing the orchid-filled garden surrounding the greenhouse. YOUR orchids will be the “stars” of our garden within the greenhouse.

Information about the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival can be found on their official Garden Show website.

Do you have questions?

If you would like to sign up or have questions, please email nwos garden festival.

2022 NW Flower & Garden Festival – Orchids Needed

We need your BLOOMING ORCHIDS to help fill out the interior of the Hartley Botanic Victorian-style greenhouse at the center of our garden. Any blooming orchid qualifies as long as it is clean, pest and disease free, and the flowers will last for at least one week.
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