November 2022 Meeting

Report From The November 2022 Meeting

Steve Dorsey, President, began our meeting by introducing our speaker Peter T. Lin who spoke to us on Neofinetia and its hybrids. Before Peter began his presentation. Steve had Robert Culver speak about the new Plant Table Tag System. This system is being put in place to help both our photographer Sean Hoyt prepare the photographs for our gallery and to allow each of us to identify the plants more easily when we are walking about the Plant Table.

Steve then had Joe Grienauer come up and speak about the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival. Joe spoke about what we will be building this coming year and the need for help.

Peter T. Lin then spoke to us about Neofinetia and its hybrids. Peter covered the history of Neofinetia with its long history in Japan and the current judging system in place there. Unlike here, Neofeinetias are judged not for their flowers but primarily for the shape of the plant, the color of the root tips, how they are potted on mounds of moss, and the containers they are potted in. He showed the great variety of forms that the plants come in as well as the forms that the flowers come in. 

Peter talked about the natural environment of these plants, and in one dramatic picture showed the limbs of a Ginko enrobed in white from Neofentias covering the branches of the tree. Peter covered the culture of Neofentias while covering their natural environment. These plants are very temperature tolerant and adapt well to home living.

He then covered the hybrids that are being made with Neofinetia. There are many delightful hybrids being made with genera such as Vanda, Rhynchostylis, Aerides, Phalaenopsis, and Renethara. These plants will make an excellent addition to a collection for anyone growing in the home or an intermediate to warm greenhouse.

As a reminder, members can find a recording of Peter’s talk in the Members section for the till June of 2023.

We then took a break and moved onto our Plant Table where Andy Wright covered the plants that were brought in. As we have moved into the winter plants have begun to flower after maturing their summer and fall growths. Sean Hoyt assisted with photography and video.

Steve continued with the remainder of NWOS business, thanking the currently serving officers and Board members for their service.

George Grantham spoke briefly about the recent bark order from Sunset Valley orchids. Steve thanked George for arranging that again this year.

We closed with a raffle.

Read more in the November Newsletter.

Andy Wright and Sean Hoyt managed our plant table for people in the room and on Zoom for us.