November 2021 Meeting

Report From The November 2021 Meeting

Joe Grienauer, President, began our meeting by thanking the currently serving officers and Board members for their service. He read out the proposed slate as presented by the nominating committee. The slate had two vacancies. He then called for two additional nominations or volunteers. The final slate was:

Officers, one-year term expiring Dec. 31 2022:

  • President – Steve Dorsey
  • 1st VP – Robert Culver
  • 2nd VP – Ben Johnson
  • Treasurer – Bill Leicht
  • Secretary – Mike Cory

Director positions, two-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2023:

  • Brad Collins
  • Pat Gossler
  • Lori Lederman
  • Peter Maunsell
  • Andy Wright

Joe called for the vote and the slate was approved unanimously by a verbal vote of all the members present.

In addition to the above slate, the following Directors will continue to serve the remainder of their two-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2022:

  • Tom Bell-Games
  • Diane Drisch
  • Thuan Nguyen
  • Michael Pearson
  • OPEN position
  • Past President – Joe Grienauer

Joe reviewed the need for volunteers to help with the Raffle and to serve on the Scholarship committee. He asked for people to return any outstanding Library books. We then had a report by Joff and Gordon about the upcoming NWF&G Festival that will be held February 9-13, 2022

Our main program was a virtual talk via Zoom by Ron Parsons on the “Rarities and Oddities of the Orchid World”. Ron proceeded to show a marvelous array of amazing blooms. He began with the terrestrials like Habenaria medusa. He included species from around the world. There were bee orchids, sun orchids, beard orchids, hammer orchids and lady slippers. The monopodial group had ghost orchids & spider orchids to name just a few. The list was amazingly long with images of these special flowers, some of which are very rare. It was a treat to see the incredible variety of flower forms and colors exhibited across the world of orchids.

Andy Wright reviewed the plant table. Steve Dorsey gave an Orchid Basics talk about the changing light conditions as we go into our winter low light season. Steve also pollinated a flower which drew an enthusiastic group to watch the process