Newsletter October 2023 – Volume 76, Issue 08

September Update With The Society

A Quick Rundown of Our September Gathering:
First off, a big shoutout to Joe Grienauer for stepping in and kicking off the meeting in Robert Culver’s absence. You rock, Joe!
Exciting news from Sean Hoyt: our new membership system is now live! This means you can now tailor your membership just the way you like it.
Have you heard about the Orchid Mart? It’s our brand-new online hub where members can list items for sale, trade, or even gift. And guess what? Everyone’s invited to take a peek!
Ben Johnson gave us the lowdown on all the buzzworthy events, including the much-anticipated fall and spring shows. And Nora? She’s got us all hyped up for the upcoming Flower and Garden Festival.
A heartfelt moment when Joe was presented with the Gary Baker Service award. Kudos to Joe for his unwavering dedication to The Society.
Joff Morgan’s call for the annual nominating committee was a reminder of the many doors of opportunity awaiting us. Let’s step up and make a difference!
And how can we forget Kelly McCracken’s enlightening talk on fragrant miniature orchids? Perfect for those of us nurturing our green babies in cozy indoor spaces.

What’s Brewing for October?
Get ready to be inspired by Andrew, our orchid aficionado and former horticulturist from the University of Washington. He’s not just about orchids; from ferns to bonsai, his indoor garden is a sight to behold! And if you’re on Instagram, check out his stunning collection at @Urban_Epiphyte.
Andrew’s chat promises a deep dive into the world of indoor plant spaces, with a special spotlight on grow tents. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned orchid lover, you’re in for a treat with tips and tricks to elevate your indoor gardening game.

To find out more about the meeting, please see the details on the NWOS Website.