Newsletter October 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 9

October Update With The Society

At our September meeting President Steve Dorsey opened the meeting and welcomed new members. He thanked Andy Wright for hosting our August picnic.

Show Chair, Abigail Chang, spoke about our own show and sale to be held the weekend of Oct. 1&2 at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Tom Etheridge who gave his presentation which covered Odonts in the classic form that we think of as Odontoglossums while informing us about the current taxonomy which puts them into Oncidiums based on DNA. Tom reviewed the 3 important Odonts: Odontoglossum crispum, nobile and harryanum and how they  along with a few other species influenced breeding. He compared trends in breeding of the early 20th century with what is happening now. Tom reviewed the cultural requirements which favor us here in the Pacific NW since they grow in the high Andes and like it bright and cool.

The speaker for the October Meeting is Tyler Albrecht, he was born and raised in Silicon Valley but currently resides in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with his wife Dana and two children Reece and Reagan. Between running Reagan to her horse riding lessons 5 days a week and taking Reece to the Taekwondo studio three days a week. Not forgetting the multiple day competitions for both, Tyler is able to mix in dates with Dana and repotting orchids. 

The registration for the September Meeting: Zoom Registration. Remember this is both an in-person and a hybrid Zoom meeting, please feel welcome to join us in-person, our speaker will be joining us in-person.

The Display Table, Sales Table, Raffle and Library are all part of the meeting this month.

The UW no longer has Covid restrictions for gatherings. We will still provide masks and hand sanitizers for attendees for their personal use as they see fit.