Newsletter December 2021 – Volume 74, Issue 9

December Update With The Society

The speaker for the month of November was Ron Parsons, he spoke to us via Zoom on the “Rarities and Oddities of the Orchid World”.  Ron proceeded to show a marvelous array of amazing blooms.  He began with the terrestrials like Habenaria medusa.  He included species from around the world.  There were bee orchids, sun orchids, beard orchids, hammer orchids and lady slippers.  The monopodial group had ghost orchids & spider orchids to name just a few.  The list was amazingly long with images of these special flowers, some of which are very rare.  It was a treat to see the incredible variety of flower forms and colors exhibited across the world of orchids.

The speaker for this upcoming meeting, David Edgley, he will be speaking to us about novelty Phalaenopsis breeding. We also have our scholarship recipient, Piper McCullough speaking to us about orchids and hydroponics.

The December meeting is going to be a busy meeting, and we hope to see you all there. Please read about all the other happenings with the society in the newsletter below.