Newsletter May 2023 – Volume 76, Issue 06

June Update With The Society

NWOS president Robert Culver welcomed new people to our group. We had a brief update on our upcoming membership system. Ben Johnson, our Event’s VP, then updated us on the recent and upcoming events. Importantly, we are having two NWOS-sponsored shows this year, the fall show at Volunteer Park and we’re reviving the spring show, which will be held at the Lynnwood Events Center. We then covered the upcoming summer events and volunteer opportunities available for members of the society.

After that, our speaker Ron Parsons took us on a photo tour of the large and enchanting genus Dendrobium. He covered the broad and diverse species that
make up this genus giving us information about their origin, cultivation as well as stunning photography.

Ron then took questions from those gathered at the meeting. And some of us were lucky enough to purchase plants from Ron’s personal collection.

We then took a short break and returned to an excellent plant table hosted by this month’s guru Andy Wright assisted by Sean Hoyt and Julian Branbury.

June is our end of spring social; Carver Kitchen will be there with their food truck.

To find out more about the meeting, please see the details on the NWOS Website.