Newsletter May 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 5

May Update With The Society

Our speaker for the month of April, Kelly McCracken from High Desert Orchids. Her topic was “Artificial Lighting”. She uses lights in her growing areas. Her talk was detailed about the various characteristics of light and how plants use all wavelengths of light.

President Steve Dorsey opened the meeting by welcoming folks who were joining us for the first time. 2nd Vice President Ben Johnson thanked the members who helped with the past weekend’s show at the Spokane Orchid Society.

Steve thanked everyone who helped at the recent Potting Clinic which was held at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.  Since that one was successful, he then announced that there will be another Potting Clinic on May 7th. This one will be held at the Douglas classroom of the Center for Urban Horticulture on the UW campus. It is adjacent to our regular meeting room below the parking lot next to the greenhouses.

The speaker for the May meeting is Dr. Bill Goldner, the owner of Woodstream Orchids, he will be speaking to us about “New Looks for Miniature Phragmipedium Hybrids”. Woodstream Orchids is a leading hybridizer and producer of Phragmipediums, Paphiopedilum species, and Epidendrums. They are well known for their innovative miniature Phrag hybrids. They are currently upping their game to include white and yellow Phrag hybrids.

The registration for the May Meeting: Zoom Registration. Remember this is both an in-person and a hybrid Zoom meeting, please feel welcome to join us in-person. (Our May speaker will be joining us via Zoom)

The Display Table, Sales Table, Raffle and Library are all part of the meeting this month.

The UW no longer has Covid restrictions for gatherings. We will still provide masks and hand sanitizers for attendees for their personal use as they see fit.