Newsletter April 2023 – Volume 76, Issue 04

April Update With The Society

Robert Culver, began the meeting by welcoming our new members. We moved through new business. One of the things that we discussed is the new membership system the society is implementing. Hopefully, it will be in place by the April meeting. This should help everyone be able to manage their memberships by themselves.

Spring is a busy show season. We talked about the Mt Baker show and Ben talked about all the upcoming shows we will be attending, and the need for plants. Ben also let us know that we will be having the fall shows at Volunteer Park. This is always a favorite with the crowds. What is new, and should be exciting, is we will be having an Indoor Plant Festival in March 2024. This will not only feature orchids, but many indoor plants. It will be held at the Lynwood Events Center. Stay tuned for more exciting information.

The Culture Clinic segment was packed. We had segments on building greenhouses, indoor growing, growing orchids from seed and raising plants from seedling to blooming size. This all led to the reintroduction of the Legion of Bloom. People can have two seedling size plants and grow them on. We will bring them back to our December meeting for a fun, if not sometimes whimsical competition.

Joe was our guide for the plant table this month. The table was just filled with beautiful plants. It is always a joy to see what people bring to the table.

Our guest speaker in April is Jurahame Leyva. He will be speaking to us about new trends in breeding Paphiopedilum Maudiae types. This should prove to be an interesting talk by one of the leading breeders of this type of orchid.

Jurahame is offering a 15% discount on preorders. The code is NWOS15, it will be valid through April 4, 2023, and available for plants being shipped or delivered at the meeting.

You can find his nursery, The OrchidFix, at

To find out more about the meeting, please see the details on the NWOS Website.