Newsletter March 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 3

March Update With The Society

February was our culture clinic month. Our member, Andy Wright, presented us with the important points of good orchid growing. Andy started by asking us to understand what our specific plants need and what we can provide for them. He encouraged us to know what the natural growing conditions are for the various genera as well as for more complex hybrids. He also gave us an understanding of the basics of Orchid Culture: potting media, water, light, blooming, roots, growing container, fertilizer, and pests. It was a well presented, enjoyable, and thorough review of all the best points for good growing and blooming. After his talk, Andy took many questions from the audience. He reminded us that our Library is a great resource. The conversation included a general chat about culture as well as specific issues and problems.

The March meeting is our Annual Auction and Preview Party. The Northwest Orchid Society’s biggest orchid selling and buying event outside of our show, this is a chance to find some select plants, sometimes at a great price. And even if it’s not dirt cheap, it goes to a worthy cause. This is also a chance for those with burgeoning collections to winnow out the surplus, earn a few bucks, and make room for new acquisitions. Consider selling plants that you’ve nurtured but haven’t been able to get to bloom. You can then use the proceeds to buy something that may do better for you. Please read about more details in the newsletter or on the NWOS Site.

Highlights from this month’s newsletter

  • 2022 NW Flower and Garden Festival was quite an event. read the articles in the newsletter and read the posts here and here.
  • 2022 Mt Baker Orchid Society Show, details in the newsletter and on our website.
  • 2022 Membership Renewals are due, you can renew from the website, click and go.
  • 2022 Gary Baker Service Award Nominations, fill out the form and return it to Ben Johnson.

The registration for the March Meeting: Zoom Registration. Since this is an auction, it will be far more enjoyable to attend the meeting.

NO Display Table, Sales Table, Raffle or Library this month!

Masks required for at least this month; the UW is working out their policy for upcoming months.