Newsletter June 2022 – Volume 75, Issue 6

June Update With The Society

Our Speaker for the month of May was Bill Goldner from Woodstream Orchids. Hist topic was “New Looks for Miniature Phragmipedium Hybrids and Other New Lines of Breeding”. He compared many crosses and their parents and showed the outcomes of the various breeding attempts. He showed many breakthroughs in breeding and in particular with mini phragmipediums. Some of the results included amazing new colors.

NWOS president Steve Dorsey welcomed new people to our group. We then went right into the night’s main event. First vice president Robert Culver introduced our speaker, Bill Goldner, PhD, who came to us via a Zoom presentation.

Bill Goldner Discussing the Value of Plants in Breeding

Come and join us for our last meeting before summer break when we sit down and have a meal together and socialize. Bring your plants for the plant table and see what’s on the sales or raffle table that you want to go home with.

El Gran Taco, our caterer for the evening, told us to expect about $12 per person. The food truck will be outside at 7:00, so please allow plenty of time to get your food.

This meeting will not be available via Zoom.

The Display Table, Sales Table, Raffle and Library are all part of the meeting this month.

The UW no longer has Covid restrictions for gatherings. We will still provide masks and hand sanitizers for attendees for their personal use as they see fit.

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