Newsletter January 2023 – Volume 76, Issue 01

January Update With The Society

Our President Steve Dorsey started the meeting by welcoming all who came to our holiday gathering. 

Steve let all the members know that people with food allergies and special diets had desserts provided for them in the kitchen, for everyone else could get a free dessert with their meal at the food truck.

He then covered the raffle ticket system we used this year for our holiday plants. Members would need to check in with Mike Corey or Bill Leicht and get a raffle ticket which would be called later and allow members to go select the holiday plants.

Joe then spoke to us about the vision for our installation for the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival and our participation in it. He will be reaching out to us to get volunteers to help design and build it. Additionally, please return the library books.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other’s company and voting for the Northen and Shoenfeld trophies. Please read more in the January Newsletter.

The speaker for the January Meeting is Tennis Maynard, Tennis Maynard has been growing orchids for over 45; he built a greenhouse 15 years ago to house his collection of orchids. In his time growing orchids, he has received ten AOS awards, including three for the genus Trichopilia. Like many of us, Tennis grows a wide variety of genera from warm-growing Vandas to cool-growing Maxillaria including many ‘botanicals’ such as January’s topic Trichopilas and even our native Cypripediums.

The registration for the January’s Meeting: Zoom Registration. Remember this is both an in-person and a hybrid Zoom meeting, please feel welcome to join us in-person, our speaker will be joining us via Zoom.

The Display Table, Sales Table, Raffle and Library are all part of the meeting this month.

The UW no longer has Covid restrictions for gatherings. We will still provide masks and hand sanitizers for attendees for their personal use as they see fit.