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Configuring Your Mail For Members With Gmail

Because we use MailChimp as our mail tool, Gmail routes email from us into a ‘Promotions’ folder within the Gmail Web Client. In order to configure Gmail to deliver messages from us into your Inbox, you will need to take the following steps.

You will need to open your inbox and look for an email sent from

Right click on the email address, and then in the upper right hand corner you will see an icon with a person with a plus next to the image.

It will say, “Add to contacts”. You will need to click on that icon in order to add the to your contacts.

That will ensure that our email that we use for sending communications is not treated as a promotion and sent to your Inbox.

It is also advisable for you to go an review what might have already been placed into your promotions location.

To do this expand the Categories by clicking on the little triangle.

From there you can go to the Promotions label as highlighted in the image at the right.

You can search for any emails that have come from the that are in there and either review them in the Promotions location or, move them to your Inbox.

By doing these two things you should have configured Gmail to deliver communications from the NWOS into your Inbox.

Creating A User Account on

We do not automatically create user accounts when you join or renew through PayPal or pay with a check at a meeting. Because of this it is necessary for you to create a user account on in order to gain access to the member content portion of the site.

You can do this from the main NWOS Home Page and Click on Register/Login as shown below.

You will need to click on the ‘Not registered yet? Register now.’ link on the page.

Provided here: Registration

While completing this page, you can indicate if you want to receive the NWOS Newsletter. All NWOS members that signup through PayPal receive it by default.

Once you have completed this form, the site admin will approve you as a member within a few days and you will have full access to the site after you login.

Note On Email Communications From The NWOS

MailChimp will let you set your preferences for receiving communications from us via MailChimp. You can find this at the bottom of the emails that come via MailChimp.

If you elect to no longer receive emails from us via this method it will opt you out of this communication channel. Unfortunately, we can not re-add you and you will have to use an old email to add yourself back in. The, time for doing it will expire and you won’t be able to use that email to receive emails from us any longer you will need to use a different email if you want to reenable email communication.

Other Places To Follow The Northwest Orchid Society

You can follow us on social media, we will post events, such as meetings, shows, etc. there. We also have posted images from members’ plants and shows that we participate in.

Membership Benefits

Access to the members-only section of our website

Our members-only section provides access to educational video recordings from previous speakers, recordings of the board meetings as well as to access to our member roster and bylaws.

Holiday Gift Plant

In the month of December our meeting is a holiday social each member receives a holiday gift orchid.

Plant Sales Table

Members may bring a maximum of 5 orchid plants or compots to each regular monthly meeting to sell. Twenty percent of money collected goes to the society. Although only members may sell plants, anyone in attendance may purchase plants.

Orchid Auction

One of our monthly meetings is devoted to an auction of orchid plants. It is a chance for members to sell “surplus” plants and to add new ones to their collection.

Library of Orchid Publications

The NWOS maintains a library of orchid books, videotapes, and periodicals available for member use by arrangement with the Society Librarian.