Native Orchid Conference – June 24-27 2022

Olympic Peninsula: Port Angeles, Washington June 24 – 27, 2022

The Native Orchid Conference, an organization with members in the US and Canada, will host a four-day symposium on the Olympic Peninsula, June 24–27, 2022. There will be two days of field trips and two days of talks. This is a great opportunity to learn about Washington’s native orchids. For details see Symposium | Native Orchid Conference | Native Orchids. Registration is limited to 100.

The NOC fosters the study, conservation, and enjoyment of native orchids of the United States and Canada. Anyone interested in wild orchids can join. 

After the Olympic Peninsula conference was twice postponed because of the pandemic, the NOC began monthly Zoom meetings on native orchid topics. The most recent was on orchid conservation in Illinois. Another that I found of particular interest was orchids of Newfoundland. Details on these presentations are on the NOC web site.