May 2022 Meeting

Report From The May 2022 Meeting

NWOS president Steve Dorsey welcomed new people to our group. We then went right into the night’s main event. First vice president Robert Culver introduced our speaker, Bill Goldner, PhD, who came to us via a Zoom presentation.

His talk was “New Looks for Miniature Phragmipedium Hybrids and Other New Lines of Breeding.”  He compared many crosses and their parents and showed the outcomes of the various breeding attempts.  He showed many breakthroughs in breeding and in particular with mini phragmipediums.  Some of the results included amazing new colors.  He reserved talking about Phrag. Kovachii (the elephant in the room) since he felt that there was ample enough material that it deserved a talk all of its own.

Read more in the June Newsletter.

Andy Wright and Abigail Chang managed our plant table for people in the room and on Zoom for us.

2 thoughts on “May 2022 Meeting”

  1. C Mitchell

    Mr. Culver, I was given 2 small orchids and they are in small pots. The flowers have died on one and the other is ok. I was wondering if anyone has a small amount of orchid potting mix, I doubt I need much at all and it is very expensive from what I am seeing. Wish I had known of a potting seminar you recently had. I know nothing about orchids except that they’re very pretty.

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