June 2021 Speaker: Jairul Rahaman on “Symbiotic Relationship between Orchids and Fungi.”

At the NWOS June meeting, Jairul’s presentation would provide a general overview of the importance of Fungi on our planet. Without fungi we would not have over 90% of our trees on Earth. The Kingdom of Fungi with its numerous benefits from creating soil on earth, to cleaning up our environment, we need to learn how to protect this delicate web of mycelium.  

Most importantly you will learn more about the mutually beneficial relationship between “Orchids and Fungi.” Without this unique interaction our world would be void of our most exquisite flowering plant, Orchids!

Jairul Rahaman, PhD is the past President of the Snohomish Country Mycological Society in Everett, WA, and member of the North American Mycological Association. She will share seeing her first wild orchid in Guyana, formally British Guiana, South America, as well as some exotic images from her home country.

Jairul is also a member of the Northwest Paleontology Association and volunteers sorting micro-fossils at the Univeristy of Washington.

She is considered a Citizen Scientist and would share a two new to science mushrooms she has found.  Rainy days does not keep her out of the forests
because it’s the perfect time for mushrooms to pop their colorful caps abovethe ground.  

Jairul is also a member of the NWOS, so please be sure to give an extra warm welcome to our own Jairul Rahaman.