June 13 2022 Meeting: Spring Social

Come and join us for our last meeting before summer break when we sit down and have a meal together and socialize. Bring your plants for the plant table and see what’s on the sales or raffle table that you want to go home with.

El Gran Taco, our caterer for the evening, told us to expect about $12 per person. The food truck will be outside at 7:00, so please allow plenty of time to get your food.

This meeting will not be available via Zoom.

Evening Highlights

  • Plant Table
  • Raffle
  • Sales Table
  • Gary Baker Service Award
  • Society Business

The UW Center For Urban Horticulture

2 thoughts on “June 13 2022 Meeting: Spring Social”

  1. Jamie Notman

    So as a club member how do you find out when meeting are? Like do you get a notification in your email, or do you have to look it up on the website every month?

    1. Robert Culver

      Hello Jamie,

      I’ve reviewed the current roster. It does not appear that you are on it. If you feel this is in error, please reach out to membership@nwos.org. I’ve also looked, and you have not registered on this website which will also allow us to send you emails if you click on the ‘newsletter’ button during the registration process. There is a Join | Renew at the top of the website if you haven’t renewed lately. Again, if you have reach out to membership to get that corrected. In the meantime, register here and we will get you the newsletters, etc.

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