January 2023 Meeting

Report From The January 2023 Meeting

Robert Culver, began the meeting by welcoming our new members. Our speaker, Tennis Maynard, joined via Zoom from Ohio so we moved directly into our Speaker Presentation at that point in deference to the time in his time zone.

Tennis spoke on Trichopilias, a genus which is rarely seen in cultivation. He covered many of the species, their cultural needs and some of the primary hybrids produced by these plants. At the end of his presentation he took a number of questions from the audience.

Robert then thanked the volunteers and everyone else involved with the 2022 fall show. The NWOS was the recipient of the AOS Show Trophy for our display at our fall show. Again, thank you everyone for all your effort and the wonderful plants.

Joe Grienauer updated the club on the status of the 2023 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. Joe also put out the call for more volunteers.

Ben Johnson updated the club on the status of the 2023 Spring Show. At this time we are working towards a 2024 Spring Show and Ben is looking for volunteers. Contact volunteers@nwos.org if you’re interested in being on the Events Committee.

Bill Leicht asked for a volunteer to help with transactions at sales etc. Mike Cory graciously offered to help Bill.

We are in our new Membership Year. While we work on the new Membership System please continue to renew using PayPal.

Andy Wright covered our Plant Table for us, while Sean Hoyt was our photographer and videographer and Julian Banbury joined Sean taking Photos.

Julian Photographing Orchids
Julian Photographing Orchids

Read more in the February Newsletter.

Andy Wright and Sean Hoyt managed our plant table for people in the room and on Zoom for us, Julian Banbury is also assisting with photography.