Exhibition Details

The exhibition is open for entry to the participating societies, as well as the general public. Anybody with a great indoor plant is eligible to win any of the trophies and cash prizes listed below. Please review the following information on how to appropriately enter your plant into the show, drop it off, and pick it back up following the show conclusion.

Important Dates & Times:

Registration Deadline

March 1st by 2pm to be eligible for judging. 
March 1st by 5pm to include your plant in the display

Plant Drop Off

March 1st between 9am and 5pm

Exhibition Judging

March 2nd between 8am and 10am

Award and Plant Pickup

March 3rd between 4pm and 6pm (possibly early if the venue is empty)

Registration Info

Fill out the registration form by creating a new tab (right click the “example” tab at the bottom left corner, and “Duplicate”.)
Add your name and contact information at the top. This information is important in order to ensure we can match you to your plant, as well as know who to issue any awards to.
In the body of this registration form, add a genus & species or Hybrid name if known. If unknown, just list your best guess (example: “Cactus Unknown”)

The “Schedule” column tells us which type of plant is being exhibited and will help us organize judging and awards. 
List the number from the schedule document for each plant.

NOTE: If this is too intimidating to do – that is OK – we STILL want to see your plants. You can email me a list of what you want to show, and make sure I know your name & contact info so we can get it back to you. send this email to events@nwos.org

Awards & Prizes

There will be a small trophy for each award category, as well as a potential cash prize. If you would like to make donations for a category to heat up the competition, please let us know (events@nwos.org). The following categories will be judged, and a cash prize is listed for those being sponsored:

  • Best Indoor Plant In Show – $100 [Standard Orchid]
  • Best Orchid in Show – $100 [Standard Orchid]
  • Best Cattleya – $50 [Nora Hightower]
  • Best Oncidium – $50 [Standard Orchid]
  • Best Vandaceous – $50 [Ben Johnson]
  • Best Slipper – $50 [John Gleisner]
  • Best Dendrobium – $50 [John Gleisner]
  • Best Pleurothallid – $50 [Ben Johnson]
  • Best Other Orchid – $50 [Standard Orchid]
  • Best Cactus or Succulent – Unsponsored
  • Best Gesneriad or African Violet – Unsponsored
  • Best Indoor Begonia – Unsponsored
  • Best Hoya – Unsponsored
  • Best Aeracea- Unsponsored
  • Best Carnivorous Plant – Unsponsored


We need your help! Please email events@nwos.org, or use our Volunteering Page to give us dates & time availability. We know we will need to fill the following roles:
– Ticket scanners at the preview night as well as the exhibition & sale
– People to tie on wristbands (for people wanting later re-entry)
– Setup volunteers (display engineering, helping vendors move plants)
– Tear Down Volunteers
– Plant Judging
– Helping people get their plants delivered to the show / returned to them after the show

Note that there is plenty of free all-day parking on site.

Questions & Feedback

If you are seeking clarification on something not listed above, or have questions / feedback,
Or if you would like to sponsor an award, please don’t hesitate to reach out over email: events@nwos.org