February 25, 2023, Meeting: Annual Orchid Auction & Preview Party

February, 25 2023 1:00 PM for registration, 1:30 PM for bidding.
The Shoreline Community College, Student Union, Shoreline WA

Bring your plants! We will be in a large new space in the student union.

Members may bring up to five plants to auction off (NWOS takes a 20% commission) and as many as you wish for a 100% donation to the Society.
If you want to bring more than five plants in the 80/20% category, put them on a donation portion of the auction sheet and they will be auctioned after all the other plants are gone.

Only members can enter plants for sale, anyone can bid on plants for purchase. If you wish to enter plants for sale, be sure your membership is up to date. You may check your membership on the Member Content page, under the Membership Roster. If you’re not a member you won’t have even basic permission. You may also send questions about your membership to Sean Hoyt. You can become a member or renew your membership here.

Please print the Auction Form by following the link to our forms page and downloading the Auction Form. Complete both the left and right sides and bring it with you to the meeting, making sure to mark the fund of your choice. There are five fund choices, and you may choose one of them per section.

You will register when you arrive and get a bidding number to use during the auction. After the auction you will use the same number to pay for your purchases. We will be able to process VISA/Mastercard transactions along with cash and checks.

The Library Fund is used to purchase items for the NWOS Library.
The UW Greenhouse Fund is used by the U.W. Botany Greenhouse to purchase Species Orchids.
The Zoo Fund is used by the Woodland Park Zoo Greenhouse to purchase Orchids.
The Scholarship Fund is used each year for a college student working on an Orchid related project.
The General Fund covers everything else, from the programs to the everyday working of your society.

This Auction is the only source of funding for the Library, UW Greenhouse and Zoo funds.
The Scholarship Fund is funded by this Auction and the Raffles are held at most meetings.
The General Fund is funded by all sources of income including this Auction, Membership Dues, Plant Sales, NWF&G Show exhibit proceeds, etc.

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