December 2022 Meeting

Report From The December 2022 Meeting

Our President Steve Dorsey started the meeting by welcoming all who came to our holiday gathering. 

Steve let all the members know that people with food allergies and special diets had desserts provided for them in the kitchen, for everyone else could get a free dessert with their meal at the food truck.

He then covered the raffle ticket system we used this year for our holiday plants. Members would need to check in with Mike Corey or Bill Leicht and get a raffle ticket which would be called later and allow members to go select the holiday plants.

The holiday plants were sourced from these three vendors this year. If you enjoyed them, please visit them online.

Steve then briefly covered the Shoenfeld and Northen entry and voting tickets.

Steve then introduced the new board.

Officers, one-year term expiring Dec. 31 2023:

  • President – Robert Culver
  • 1st VP – Joseph Grienauer
  • 2nd VP – Ben Johnson
  • Treasurer – Bill Leicht
  • Secretary – Sean Hoyt

Director positions, two-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2024:

  • Diane Drisch
  • Heather Harrington
  • Yoshi Nagamatsu

Director positions, two-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2023:

  • Brad Collins
  • Pat Gossler
  • Peter Maunsell
  • Lori Lederman
  • Andy Wright
  • Past President – Steve Dorsey

We then voted on the new ByLaw changes which passed.

Steve then gave a special thank you to Mary Nichole for all her tireless work over the year for coming early to provide our coffee and other refreshments during the meeting and for ensuring there are holiday decorations for us during the holiday party.

We voted for the Shoenfeld and Northen tables. Andy Wright then reviewed the Shoenfeld table.

Northen Trophy Table

Shoenfeld Tropy Table

Read more in the January Newsletter.

Andy Wright and Sean Hoyt managed our plant table for people in the room.