December 11 2023 Meeting: Holiday Social

Happy Holidays! It’s once again time to put our growing skills to the test. Please join your fellow NWOS members in our friendly annual competition. We have two trophies to award, the Schoenfeld Trophy as well as the Rebecca T. Northen Miniature Orchid Trophy. This is also the time of the year for Holiday Plants, each person who is a full-fledged member, whether they paid for a single, dual, or youth membership.

This year will be a no-host catered event by the El Gran Taco.

The Schoenfeld Trophy is awarded to the best-blooming plant of any size.
The Rebecca T. Northen Miniature Orchid Trophy is awarded to the best blooming plant that is 6 inches or less in height, excluding the bloom spike which can extend beyond the 6″ limit for the foliage.
The winners are chosen by everyone in attendance.

This year at our annual Holiday Social we will continue our annual tradition of gift plants. The gift plants are quality plants purchased specially for this event from local vendors including AGE Topicals, Standard Orchid, Orchids by the Lake.
Each member whose dues were paid by Nov. 11 will be able to select a plant that is suitable to their growing conditions. You MUST attend in order to receive your plant. as we have no volunteers to coordinate shipping or home pickups.

Display Table – Unlike previous years we will have a display table. Unlike our standard Display Table, we will not have a discussion of the Display Table plants. We will still have them labeled and photographed and shown on the website as well as in the January Newsletter, but, the focus of this meeting will be our Trophy Tables. You will be encouraged to talk to members about their plants.

Inspecting The Award Table From 2022

Shoenfeld Trophy for Best-Blooming Plant

Rebecca T. Northen Miniature Orchid Trophy

This event will be held on 12/11/22 starting at 6:30 PM. There will be NO Zoom to attend.

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