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Where Do Orchids Come From

Where do orchids come from?

Seeds of course! As silly as it seems, that wasn’t known until around 1800. As they are very dust-like, it was speculated that they came from birds, goats, and even cadavers somehow in a magical way. Even after they were able to conclude that seeds were produced, it was well into the 1800s that it was known that orchids could be grown from seeds as they couldn’t understand that the dust from orchid seed pods were the seeds.

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Orchids From Seed: An Overview

Where do orchids come from? Your local Trader Joe’s, Costco maybe even a Lowe’s? That is where many of us first ran into them in our daily lives. May of these are the products of an a floral empire running vast cloning labs. But before they were clones, the plants they were selected from started off their life as a seed, the product of fertilization. This is an overview of how orchids are propagated from seed using sterile techniques. If you find yourself interested in this, the society offers classes from time to time providing hands on experience with these very techniques.

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Growing Orchids Without Pots

Growing orchids mounted may be referred to as growing on plaques, mounts, slabs, and rafts. It isn’t complicated and one of the easiest ways of growing. Like all orchids, timing is important as you want to do any readjustments of the plant when the new roots are starting to form. Moving a plant after the roots have developed will damage the roots and may set the plant back considerably or even lead to its death. As I said, I have many plants starting up for the season now, so keep an eye on your plants.

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Orchid Seed Workship

Growing orchids from seed may seem daunting, but this workshop was given to show that it is quite achievable in a home setting without elaborate or expensive equipment. All the items used were easily obtained. And while some seeds such as Paphiopedilum may take years to bloom, others such as Habenaria can be blooming within a year and a half. So don’t let the time to bloom dissuade you from trying from seed. There are several that will bloom in a reasonable time.

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