April 2021 Speaker: Jurahame Leyva on “Latouria Dendrobiums”

At the NWOS April meeting, Jurahame Leyva will discuss the secrets to growing the section lautouria Dendrobioums and why they should be in your collection.

Jurahame has been sourcing, collecting and growing orchids of all types since he bloomed his very first orchid: Cattleya Mini Purple ‘Carmela’.  His mother brought it home as a gift for him when he was just 6 years old.  He’s a longtime Hilo Orchid Society member, having joined when he was 12 years old.

Jurahame is an AOS Associate Judge who owns the OrchidFix Nursery in Kurtistown, on the big island of Hawaii where he grows a variety of orchids.  He has a particular fondness for slipper orchids, but enjoys many other genera as well.  Almost every plant in the nursery is produced by seed from Jurahame’s personal collection.  They represent the very best examples of that species or hybrid and most are awarded cultivars.  theorchidfix@gmail.com

When he’s not in the greenhouse he can usually be found cycling, repairing small engines or with a wee dram, Nikon DSLR and a telescope set up under clear skies.