April 11 2022 Meeting: Speaker, Kelly McCracken – “Artificial Lighting”

Kelly McCracken, owner of High Desert Orchids started as an avid hobbyist, and like many of you, couldn’t stop buying plants. Quickly one greenhouse became two, and now she grows plants in a unique 3,000 sq ft high-bay industrial warehouse space all under artificial lights. Kelly specializes in miniature plants, with a particular affection for miniature Cattleyas , Angraecoids, Jewel Orchids, and Dendrobiums.

Kelly will be speaking to us about artificial lighting. Many of us have discovered that as our hobby grows sometimes we run out of window spaces, or we don’t have a good window to begin with. Artificial lighting can provide our plants with the light they need to thrive. Many growers have discovered the opportunities that the recent drop in price and increase in availability of LED lights has provided. But there is relatively little information about how much artificial light orchids need and what kinds of lights are best. This talk will go over the unique HDO grow space, which is entirely under LED lights, how we set it up, the lights we use, and some tips we have discovered while growing a commercial sized grow space all under artificial light. The talk will answer questions such as :

  • How Much Light?
  • What Kind of Light?
  • What Spectrum of Light?

Kelly will be bringing plants with her for sale. However, she is making pre-orders available, with a 10% discount.
Pre-Order Instructions: Place an order for “Local Pickup” and use the code NWOS10 to get the 10% discount
You can find Kelly’s nursery online at High Desert Orchids.

This event will be held on 04/11/22 starting at 6:30 PM. We will be meeting in-person and stream the meeting via Zoom.

The UW Center For Urban Horticulture

2 thoughts on “April 11 2022 Meeting: Speaker, Kelly McCracken – “Artificial Lighting””

  1. Judith Warren

    Where is the meeting held? I’m a new member & don’t see that info anywhere other than a general map of university area. My guess is CUH? Is that correct?

    1. Robert Culver

      Hello Judith,

      Thank you for your observation. Yes, you are correct it is held at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. I have updated the post to include that information.

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