2024 Indoor Plant Festival Vendors

Unique, Awe Inspiring Plant Vendors



AGE Tropicals

Washington USA

Rare and Unique Orchids and Nepenthes

Botanica Ltd

Missoula, Montana USA

Experts in Orchids, Tillandsia
African, Madagascar specialists

Courting Frogs Nursery

Stanwood, WA USA

Experts in Nepenthes, Carnivorous Plants, Tillandsia

Dew Violet

Washington USA

Outstanding African Violets, Gesneriads, and Other House Plants


Azuay Ecuador

Orchids, Captivating Aroids, and Tropical Plants

Emerald City Orchids

Washington USA

Unique and Rare Orchids and Aroids

The Gecko Momma

Washington USA

Pots, Philodendron, Monstera

JoJn Plants and Pots
Pete’s Pots and Plants

Washington USA

Rare and Unique Cactus & Succulents

Little Orchid Annie’s

Washington USA

Fabulous Orchids

Northwest Orchid Society

Washington USA

Hard to Find, but well grown orchids, and maybe Cactus!

The Orchid Fix Nursery

Hawaii USA

Beautiful Orchids

Orchids By the Lake

Washington USA

Rare and Unique Orchids

Orquideas Amazonicas

San Martín Peru

Specialty Orchids, Ferns, Bromeliads

Rancho Cacto

Aurora ,Oregon

Gorgeous Cactus, Succulents

Standard Orchid

Washington, USA

Unique and Difficult to find Orchids

Standard Orchid Homepage

Predatory Perennials

Washington, USA

Carnivorous Plants!

Tropical Exotique

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rare Orchids, Tropical Ferns, and Aroids

Tropical Exotique Homepage

Tzakis Naturals

Portland, OR

Terrarium plants, Collectors Items, Little of this & that

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