2023 NW Flower & Garden Festival – Getting There

Driving vs Taking the Bus or Light Rail

I highly recommend that you take Metro or the Light Rail to downtown Seattle (Westlake Center or Union Street stations) instead of messing with parking your car.

Sound Transit (Rail or Bus Service)

King County Metro

The rate for travel on Metro and Light Rail is $2.75 per person per one-way trip. If you are age 65 or older, the rate is just $1.00. Plus you can park your car at any of the “Park and Ride” lots for no charge.

For example, if you’re coming from the North end, park your car at the Northgate P&R lot. This lot is located just south of the Northgate Shopping Center, it is right next to the Light Rail station. Buy your ticket for travel or use your ORCA card to pay your fare. In just minutes you will be deposited at the Westlake Center station. Then just walk up Pike Street a few blocks to the Convention Center. There are similar P&R lots scattered about the greater Seattle area.

Compare the above cost with parking your car in downtown Seattle. There are plenty of commercial garages available for parking, but they are expensive this year. Parking in the lot beneath the Convention Center (entry off 8th Avenue between Pike and Seneca streets) is $20 this year for “3 to 4 hours”! The Freeway Park parking garage, one block away, isn’t much better at $19 for the same time frame. You will find similar rates at the other nearby parking garages too.

The Society does not reimburse your parking fees while setting up the garden, tearing it down, or helping during show days. As a volunteer for a non-profit, should you choose to itemize, your travel expenses are deductible.

IRS Deductions – Charities and Their Volunteers

For me, I plan to take the Metro bus in both directions this year. I can’t beat the $1 per trip rate. Hope this helps,

~ Joff Morgan