March 18, 2018December 18, 2018


1:00pm — 4:00pm


Free admission


Phinney Neighborhood Center
Room 3
6532 Phinney Ave N
Seattle WA, 98103

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Phinney Neighborhood Center

Join the American Orchid Society judges as they evaluate fine quality orchids. All are welcome to watch and/or bring a plant to be judged.

Come back here for the latest dates and locations:

  • October         Note the change to date and location
            October 28
            Manitou Park Greenhouse, 4 - W 21st Ave, Spokane, WA
  • November 18-19
            Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
            Semi-annual business and training weekend. Seminars Saturday (approx 4pm-5pm) and Sunday (8am-noon)
  • December 16
            Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

    2018 Final countdown for the Seattle AOS Judging - only three more meetings.

  • January         Note the date change
            January 27
            Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

  • February 17     Note the location change
            Skagit Valley Gardens Nursery, Mt. Vernon

  • March 17         This is the final meeting of the Seattle AOS Judging Site
            Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle