April 8, 2019


7:00pm — 10:00pm


Free admission and parking.


UW Botantic Gardens
Center for Urban Horticulture, NHS Hall
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle WA, 98105

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UW Botantic Gardens


  • Botanica Ltd.
    Missoula, MT

    Botanica Ltd. is owned and operated by Bill Nerison (architect) and Brenda Oviatt (former graphic designer). They began growing orchids in 1983 and over time their growing has evolved from a hobby into a two part business. One half of the business involves growing and selling orchids (primarily species) to other interested growers. The other half of the business is focused on the ex-situ propagation of endangered angraecoids and the education of hobbyists and growers concerned with the plight of many species of plants and animals from Africa and Madagascar. Specializing in African species orchids, Botanica has extremely unique orchids, many of which are losing their native habitat rapidly. This is a great source for conservationist orchid cultivators, species collectors, and anyone interested in growing Angraecoids.