March 11, 2018


6:30pm — 10:00pm


Free admission and parking.


UW Botantic Gardens
Center for Urban Horticulture, NHS Hall
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle WA, 98105

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UW Botantic Gardens


The Northwest Orchid Society's biggest orchid selling and buying orgy outside of our show, this is a chance to find some select plants, sometimes at a great price. And even if it's not dirt cheap, it goes to a good cause. This is also a chance for those with burgeoning collections to winnow out the surplus, make a few bucks, and make room for new acquisitions.

Register when you arrive and get a bidding number to use during the auction. Keep your paddle moving, and after the auction you will use the same number to pay for your winning bids. We can process VISA/Mastercard transactions along with cash and checks.

Members may bring up to five plants to auction off, with the NWOS taking a 20% commission. There is no limit on the number of plants you may auction at a 100% donation to the Society.

If you want to bring more than five plants in the 80/20% category, put them on a separate sheet and they will be auctioned at the end, after all the other plants are gone.

To register your plants, please print the Auction Form. Complete both the left and right sides, and bring it with you to the meeting, to be kept with your plants. Make sure to mark the fund of your choice.

There are five fund choices and you may choose any number of them:

  • The Library Fund is used to purchase items for the NWOS Library.
  • The UW Greenhouse Fund (formerly known as the Slipper Fund) is used by the U.W. Botany Greenhouse to purchase Species Orchids.
  • The Zoo Fund is used by the Woodland Park Zoo Greenhouse to purchase Orchids for display in exhibits.
  • The Scholarship Fund provides a grant each year for a college student working on an Orchid related project.
  • The General Fund covers everything else, from the programs to the everyday working of your society.

    This Auction is the only source of funding for the Library, Slipper, and Zoo funds. The Scholarship Program receives additional funding from the Raffles held at most meetings.

    This month we will not have the member display table, or a raffle.

    There will be refreshments, including a special selection of beverages, provided by the society. Non-members are welcome, but only members and their guests can be served alcoholic beverages.

    [Link to Auction Form]

    Note the earlier start time. Come and schmooze. Refreshments will be provided for members and guests.